2,000 Years of Christianity

Father Hernán Pereda, founder of Fecom began this beautiful work during his college years, he developed a system that helps to easily locate and identify important dates and information throughout the history of the church. After more than forty years of research, his work developed into a book, consisting of eight panels and Father Pereda realized that, just as this ingenious system had helped him to understand the history of salvation throughout his college studies it could also help others. This is based on a system of colors and timelines that serve as coordinates, which make it easy to study and understand church history: from the birth of Christ until today.Some of the great subject of history that are included in this book are:The Roman Empire, kings and emperors, events that affected the world, persecutions, martyrs, saints and Doctors of the Church, church councils, Popes,  great Thinkers, reflected Heresies , War, Culture, Charity, Arts, literature, Philosophy and Sports.Without doubt, as stated by Father Hernan Pereda, the book’s main problem is not entering data, but to choose which is the most important to included.

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